Thursday, January 17, 2008

January 17, 2008

Second Life, Hillary Clinton, Crime Gang on YouTube



glendoor42 said...

Well damn, sorry to see the BRN go!
You still going to blog for Cracked? I noticed you did not post today.

Anonymous said...

I gave up my Friday post, but I will still be posting on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Ian, BRN contributor, is taking a Cracked sabbatical.

And btw, you're the "Glen" in the goodbye.

Wayne said...

uh, that anonymous was me.

Katy L said...

Oh man, so bummed. I'll miss the blue bathrobe. And the humor. I'll be on the lookout for that cranky robot. Thanks for the tip o' the hat.

glendoor42 said...

Well I'm glad you'll still be posting, Fuck Ian, No, just kidding, he will be sorely missed.
Yeah, I watched this episode about 4:45 this morning .I have a cold and was coughing so bad the wife kicked me out of bed.I realized I was Glen about ten minutes later. Glendoor was the name of my first D&D character and 42 comes from Douglas Adams hitchhiker books.( yeah ,I'm a nerd from way back)When I read it I know it's me, but to hear it, was a little different.I guess this is a long round about way to say thank you for the tip of the hat.

My real name is Vornak, King of the Monkey people. No, not really.

Wayne said...

Yeah, I know you're not really Glen, but I couldn't bring myself to say Glendoor42.

JTC said...

Nice touch with the Rick Roll. You truly have made it your own.